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Lonnie R. Hoover

If you are looking for an experienced Court Room Lawyer, who will fight for you and aggressively represent you, then, give me a call.  I practice in all Courts in Tennessee and Federal District Court.  I have practiced law in WilliamsonCounty(Fanklin, Tennessee) for 28 years.  Whether you have a case in General Sessions Court like a DUI, Simple Possession, Shoplifting, a Probation Violation or something more serious in the Circuit Criminal Court like Burglary, Robbery or Felony Drug charges, give me a call and let’s discuss your particular case.   Never go to court without representation by an experienced Attorney.

My primary area of practice is CRIMINAL DEFENSE.   I have handled thousands of Criminal cases over the past 28 years as both a lawyer and a Judge for 15 years.  About half my  cases are defending citizens just like you who have been charged with Driving Under the Influence(DUI).   Most people arrested for  DUI’s are just ordinary citizens like you and me.  Most have never been arrested before and most have absolutely no Criminal record whatsoever.

If you have been arrested for a DUI, please give me a call and let’s talk about  the circumstances under which you were arrested.   Did you take a BAC?  Did the officer give you a Field Sobriety Test, or did you refuse?  What was the reason for the officer to make the initial traffic stop and ultimately the arrest?   The smallest tidbit of information can turn your case from a conviction to a dismissal.   Give me a call and let me evaluate your case.

In addition to DUI’s, about half of my practice is in representing citizens charged with just about every other crime in the book.   If you are charged with a crime, be it

Shoplifting, Theft, Burglary Robbery, a Probation Violation, Drugs, Parol violations, Misdemeanors of Felony Charges or perhaps you just want a lawyer to file a petition to have the Judge consider reducing your jail time, please give me a call and let’s talk about the details of your case.  Every case is unique, just like a finger print. I will honestly evaluate your case and tell you what I think.  I would never want to overpromise and under deliver.     While I cannot guarantee the outcome of a case, I will promise to zealously represent you and do my very best to achieve your objectives.

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